Attaching our accessories to either the horn bag or saddle bag platform can be done in a matter of seconds and is quite simple.  However, while many are familiar with this type of webbing attachment system, some are not so we wanted to provide a quick rundown of the two main ways to mate the accessories to the platforms.  The picture below shows the tripod carrier attachment (vertical) and the horn bag platform (lying down). This photo shows a basic overview of the mating system. Each Mesa accessory will have the long straps and snaps on it. If, at the end of this tutorial you are still slightly confused, fear not as any order will be built prior to shipping (if applicable). 

Tripod Carrier mating to horn bag platform



This option is the most simple, but does not secure the accessory quite as tight to the platform as option #2 does.  This option may be suitable for many applications, but if more security of the attachment is necessary, option #2 is likely the better choice. For this option, simply insert the long straps on the attachment straight down behind the webbing loops on the platform and secure the two snaps.  That all there is to option #1. 

tripod carrier mating to horn bag platform



The second mating option is using the weave method. Instead of running the webbing straps straight down as in the straight method, the strap will actually go behind the chosen webbing row on the platform, and then back to the attachment, and then back to the platform, so on and so forth. 

weave method attaching to horn bag

Weave method accessory attachment to horn bag

The next step in the photo series would be to take the straps back to the platform loops, and then simply continue this weaving until you run out of strap, secure the two snaps, and your done.  If you order a platform and accessory or a set, this is the method that will be used to build your setup prior to shipping your gear. 

Hopefully this helps you understand how to mount our attachments to our platforms. Safe travels!

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