Mesa Horse Gear Co. began as a simple idea to solve a few problems for ourselves and our own equine pursuits.  As avid horse enthusiasts, we enjoy trail riding, hunting, packing, and general backcountry adventures.  On some of these adventures, I often struggled with setting up my saddle horse the way that I preferred, or in an organized manner for the task of the day. 

     Through experience using various different brands of horn bags, cantle bags, and saddlebags, we realized that some riders have more specific needs that are not being addressed by existing equipment. I would often hear people that I ride with express similar feelings, and many of them simply didn't use saddlebags or cantle bags due to a variety of reasons, instead opting to wear sloppy backpacks to carry their gear. Worse yet, seemingly essential items may be left behind at the trailhead.  It seemed like everything available was either too big, too small, didn't ride well, or was generally unacceptable. 

    My wife and I set out to create gear for ourselves to have the ability to carry specific items in an organized manner on our saddle horses.  Through this process, we were able to address other problems that we didn't even know we had.  We were also able to create a completely modular, customizable saddle bag and horn bag system for the trail riding or on duty saddle horse. Our system has the ability to serve a variety of horse riding enthusiasts and can serve as a viable solution for carrying everything from fly rods to tactical weapons, while still maintaining the ability to ride with a simple set of bags if that is what the day calls for.  


    It is our hope that you find our system useful for your specific purposes. Whether you choose to try our gear or not, we wish you and your horse a lifetime of safe travels and enjoyment on all of your adventures!



Dane & Christie Coppola   








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