I know plenty of people that prefer using saddlebags over using any type of horn bag set up.  Many times, however, full size saddlebags are not necessary for the needs of the day.  Shorter rides in fair weather may not require a set of saddlebags that could fit an elk quarter (Ok, so I am exaggerating, but you get my point).  For many applications a smaller set of saddlebags will work just fine, so we went ahead and created the Small Saddlebag Set. This set includes 2 of our standard horn bags along with our saddlebag platform.

Small saddlebag set

These bags can accommodate a set of Kuiu Chugach raingear, for example, or numerous other small items, a lunch, or a couple of canned beverages of your choosing. The saddlebag platform includes security straps that go through the rear dee of your saddle and clip around the front dee, creating a tight and secure connection to the saddle.  The platform also includes 4 saddle string grommets for more redundancy when mounting the platform to the saddle.  This set does not include a cantle bag, but the platform itself does have built in lash straps in the cantle bag position that can be used to secure a jacket or other items.  

Small saddlebag set

Small bag mounted to Saddlebag Platform

Saddlebag set lash straps

Built in lashing straps and saddle string grommets

Small saddlebag set lashing straps

Hoody secured with the built in lashing straps

Saddlbag platform rigging

Saddlebag Platform Rigging

Saddlebag platform rigging

Saddlebag Platform Rigging

If the time came that you needed more capacity in your saddlebag setup, you can quickly change out the smaller bags for our standard saddlebag.  Add our side loading cantle bag and you would now have a full capacity saddlebag set.  The ability to setup your horse for what you need for the task at hand without a bunch of extra slop is what sets our system apart.  Whether you choose to try our gear or not, we wish you safe travels on all of your adventures!

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