Well folks, 2020 is officially behind us, for better or for worse.  We would like to thank all who supported us through the year, as we know it was a tough and strange year for just about everyone and we greatly appreciate all of the support!

As some of you may know, our inventory on certain items has gotten extremely low coming into 2021, and we are busy making gear and working on new items for the 2021 riding and hunting seasons.  Many have asked for larger bags for both our horn bag setup and our saddlebag setup.  We try to listen to our customers and other folks, so for 2021 we will be offering a jumbo sized saddlebag, as well as a standard size bag that can mount to either the horn bag platform or the saddlebag platform.  Both of these are substantially larger than the bag sizes that we currently offer. We also changed the entry system on these bags, using a beefy #10 full width zipper instead of the buckle closures used on our current bags.  These will be available in mid to late February, 2021.  If you already have some of our gear and would like the larger bags, they will mount easily to your existing platforms and give you a greater capacity if needed.  

New Saddlebags

Jumbo Saddlebag (top left) and standard bag (bottom right). The Standard will also mount to our Horn Bag Platform for more front end capacity. 

Our horn bag platform was also slightly redesigned for 2021.  It will now fit over even the largest of saddle horns.  We must admit, we dropped the ball on this initially and underestimated how many 4"+ horns were out there.  Anyway, we have corrected this issue and want to make our gear useful to as many people as possible.  

We are also working on saddle panniers and rifle scabbards and hope to have these items available by the hunting seasons for the fall of 2021.  

There are some other items that we have been kicking around some ideas for, such as:

  • Water/bottle carrier (Mounts to horn bag/saddle bag platform)
  • Pommel Pack (Mount in front of pommel/horn)
  • Larger Cantle Bag
These are some of the items that we have been working on for 2021, and it is likely that many of them will make it into our catalogue this year.  If you have any ideas or suggestions, we would love to hear from you! Please email thoughts or ideas directly to
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